Anya Hindmarch and 5 O’Clock Shadow

November 2, 2007

I currently have two obsessions (or passions?) in life: Anya Hindmarch and 5 o’clock shadow.  And strangely, they’re very agreeable with each other.   Or is it just me?   Oh well, I’m gonna share with you a little bit about those two. 

Anya Hindmarch, for those of you who haven’t heard about her yet, is a rising British fashion designer, famous for her mainline of woven bag.  But it was actually her “be a bag” that took her to the mainstream.  “Be a bag” right now is absolutely the most wanted item by women – and even men – everywhere, making Anya Hindmarch a household name in the bag industry.  What is so addicting about this one-of-a-kind fashion item?  “Be a bag” was born in 2001 as a charity promotion where more than a hundred of fashion icons – from models, actors, artists, and pop stars – participated in.  The concept was pretty original and hip: each one of them supplied a memorable personal photograph, which then was transposed onto one of Anya Hindmarch’s stylish bags … or in short: let yourself be a bag.  It can be a picture of you and your best friend (like what Sadie Frost and Kate Moss have), an image of your childhood (Liam Neeson chose this kind), or just a picture of yourself (Pierce Brosnan used a cropped image of his eyes). 

Although started as just a 3-month charity event, “be a bag” became an immediate hit, and soon after became available publicly.  For the last two years, the number of Anya’s clientele has grown dramatically, ranging from fashionista, socialite, celebrities, to anyone who just loves the idea of carrying their treasured moment around, as the bag is always so gorgeous, so unique, and so fun!  Winky’s wife Kenes chose to put Winky’s cute kiddy picture on her Anya’s, while my friend Maya said enthusiastically: “Eh lo liat ntar gw pake Anya gw yang fotonya gw ma laki gw, pasti lo ngiri abis,” to which I replied: “Ah, kalo ma laki lo sih gw gak ngiri, kalo ma Brad Pitt baru gw ngiri hahaha.”

Call me a fashion victim or shopping addict, I think Anya’s bag is definitely a must-have item this year.  It’s not only great to carry around while you’re doing your regular weekend mall-hopping in your FCUK hiphuggers and chic blouse (and if you choose the nappy bag style, it fits anything from your purse, mobile phones, to your lipstick and perfume), but it also looks great with your more sophisticated look like camisoles and tube top on your afternoon date.  I just love the idea of showing my individuality not only by way of my choice of clothing, but also by visualizing my very personal image on an Anya’s bag. 

Anyway, as I was thinking of getting an Anya for my own, I start to muse on some images I’d like to put on the bag, contemplating between a picture of me on my first birthday or a collage of photographs of me with my best friends.  And that’s when an image that I adore so much came to mind: 5 o’clock shadow (I know Fenny is screaming her lungs out when she read this.  Shut up, Tong!).  I bet you’re wondering right now what or who is exactly this 5 o’clock shadow is.

5 o’clock shadow is the nickname of one of my male friends, well I guess now you must have an idea how he looks like right?  No?  Let me explain it this way.  Do you know the stubble that a man starts to grow in early morning?  It’s intimately referred to as 5 o’clock shadow, something that is actually not very common on most Asian men, but he definitely has it (and I always wish that he hasn’t been shaving when I see him hahaha).   Anyway, it’s not just his intimidatingly good looks that make me love him, but also his charming personality, and you all know I always have a soft spot for smart men.  Like rocks colliding, we did fight and argue and debate from time to time (and sometimes I just want to slap him in the face), but there’s this comforting image of him that I really like.  It’s a picture of him sleeping, 5 o’clock shadow growing, so peaceful and serene (although I fully realize that the peaceful moment was over once he’s awake and started his fussing).  Wouldn’t that be a killer image to put on an Anya’s bag?

But then I started to think, would I be tempted to rip and burn an Anya Hindmarch’s craftsmanship when I turn to hate the image so bad?  Would the bag that I usually carry with pride becomes the object of my hatred instead of my affection?  Oh, well, as I browsed through Anya’s online store, I thought: who cares?  After all, as Anya said: “I think fashion should never be taken too seriously and should always make you smile.”



2 Responses to “Anya Hindmarch and 5 O’Clock Shadow”

  1. mariana Says:

    so, have you put this 5 o’clock shadow on your Anya? haha, I really want to see how would it look like 😉

    anyway, nice posts you got here. Love to read it and.. can’t wait to spend my time with your third book.

  2. Kc Says:

    5 o’clock shadow,,, that phrase become our (me & the gank) way of describing the one we crush on since we read AWVY,,, halah! …nice blog! 😉

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