This Is Probably What The Fortune Cookie Meant

December 30, 2008

I was having dinner with friends at Chopstix a couple of weeks ago and I grinned when I cracked open the fortune cookie and read what’s in it.  And what did the fortune cookies say, you might ask?  Naah, it’s too silly to share here.  After all, I’m here to finally announce the lucky 5 who will get personally inscribed copies of Divortiare from me.  It’s long overdue, I know, but it’s not until recently that I have the time to read all the reviews 😉  If you’re one of the lucky five, kindly email me your shipping address at (for your own privacy, I strongly urge you not to give out your address by leaving a comment on this very public post).  So, here it goes, in no particular order whatsoever:

Quinie-Se at Blogspot

Sariffa at WordPress

Putri Padmosuwarno at Blogspot

Katekgawe at Multiply

Titien at Multiply


7 Responses to “This Is Probably What The Fortune Cookie Meant”

  1. quinie Says:

    huaaaaa…. i’m one of the lucky five… thanks yaa…ALhamdulillah 🙂 I’ll send you the complete of me (oh.. cuma alamat ajah ya? bukan biodata sayah?) Xixixixi…. Thanks a bunch… Btw, pertanyaan2 sayah di review ntu, dijawab dong 😀 *duh… masih untung menang, pake acara minta dijawab pertanyaan lagih! Ika kan sibukkkk* huahahaha

  2. Pradna Says:

    huaa.. Quinie menang!
    Selamat ya..berkat advice dari saia kan?!


  3. iffa Says:

    Mbak Ika..
    selamat taun baru yaa.. 🙂 i know u have party tonight,dont you?
    seneng deh si Sari bisa dapet buku extended i can read it too hehe..

  4. sariiffa Says:


    akhirnya dapet juga setelah nyaris hopeless 🙂
    thx 2 iffa soalnya ini hasil dari pembahasan2 konyol kita b’2 (yg bikin temen2 seruangan ngelirik aneh krn gw ama iffa ketawa/i setelah baca d ext chapter).

    thx ya ika, ini jadi kado taun baru gw n iffa.
    gw uda email ya, just check it out.

    met taon baru everybody…. byeeeee.

  5. damz Says:

    yaaaah, kok gue ga dapet sih?!! :p

  6. Ika Natassa Says:

    everybody: congrats ya
    damar: norak d lo, bukannya elo org pertama yg dapet itu ya 😉

  7. Putri Says:

    huahaha,,,thx ya mba ika…
    wahh,,jadi ga sabar pengen cepet dapet bukunya, penasaran sama akhir ceritanya lexie and beno..

    oia, udah dikirim by email tuh alamatku. dicek ya mba..

    thx once again!!

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