Why So Serious?

September 10, 2009

You might find this strange, but the only time I can hear myself think is when I let myself into this isolated bubble which keeps me in a great distance from the world around me. That isolated bubble is the iPod (which has become one of my most prized possessions since three years ago). It’s probably quite accurate to say that 90 percent of what I wrote were written in my head, recorded there for a while until I find the time to jot them down on paper. Many of what I considered as great scenes in my two previous books were born in my head as I was listening to some particular songs (Alanis Morissette’s Flinch and Annie Lennox’s Why were two of my favorite songs when I wrote Divortiare). I survived one of my most complex business financing analysis at work by listening to Jamie Cullum’s Twentysomething album.
But then again, it’s funny how our mind adjusts itself to the changes around us. I’ve been enjoying my new job for almost 5 months now, and everything changes a lot, at work and in life. My numbers : people ratio (both at and off work) was previously 50 : 50, now it’s 10 : 90 (if this were a mathematical equation, the numbers would represent the amount of time I’m isolating my thoughts by plugging my ears with the iPod). This probably explains why my iPod could survive two weeks without charging and why I kept losing my voice.
Anyway, from time to time, I just love to take a cab when the traffic is the busiest, and let my mind wonder as random music were echoing in between my ears. There’s something liberating about letting hundreds of frame of your life being played back in your head whilst watching the traffic. I love it even more when it rains. It’s like every drop of water touching the windshield represent a nick of my life that deserves to be looked back at.
Lately, thought, I secretly hope that someone would just draw the Joker’s grin on that windshield. Or the word “why so serious.” I haven’t been able to induce temporary amnesia to let go of something that some friends of mine said a couple of weeks ago: “Please go back to the way you used to be. You are now way too serious.”
I don’t think I am. Really. But then again, here I am writing about this.


10 Responses to “Why So Serious?”

  1. Inga Says:

    Gue baru punya iPod Ka.. norak abis ya?
    Itu juga karena menang hadiah di kantor hehehe.. kalo ngga menang, selamanya ngga punya. Pantesan Apple bisa bounce back dan sukses lagih.. keren banget barangnya.

  2. Ika Natassa Says:

    ih inga, malu gw pas tau elo baru punya ipod skarang, cemana hehehehe. awesome right? gw dulu mulai dengan nano, dan sekarang can’t live without my ipod touch

  3. dita Says:

    jadi ngiri gara gara ga punya laptop 😦

  4. dita Says:

    eh ipod maksudnya. haha.

  5. ari Says:

    no matter what wak…..yg penting u enjoy every little time of ur life

  6. sikiky Says:

    Same here, enak bener dengerin IPod. Dan awalnya beli clasic sebelum di upgrade ke touch.
    Tapi kadang kalo tuh proposal kredit complex banget,gw matiin dhe. :))
    Btw, still waiting for your third book ya…

  7. beverly Says:

    I’m waiting for your third books 🙂

  8. damz Says:

    my ipod is broken!! 😦

    why is everybody waiting for your third book?? don’t they know that if you’re writing another book now the story will be exactly like AVYW?! ..falling in love with the prettiest & wittiest guy in the office.. haha..

  9. neriva Says:

    But please don’t put you serious syndrome to the book. life already pretty serious, don’t make it even harder. lol 🙂

  10. lia Says:

    mbak, aku baruu aja tau soal blog ini..
    trus baruu juga baca soal bagian terakhir dari divortiare..telat yaww heuheuheu..
    kalo mau file pdf yang bagian akhirnya masi bole nggak ya…meskipun udah telat hampir setaun sejak pertama kali mbak nulis soal extra chapter-nya hehhehe
    btw, aku beli bukunya di gramedia BCS, Batam..trus bagian yang paling aku suka pas di akhir beno nahan lift buat ngajakin makan nasi goreng…manis bangeddddd 🙂


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