The Cendol Analogy

October 16, 2009

The four of us were having lunch at Ah Tuan Ee’s at Pacific Place the other day when we ordered es cendol as desert that didn’t taste as good as we thought it would be from the look of it.

Then out of nowhere, my best friend said: “You know, relationship was a lot like ordering that cendol. You’ll never know how it feels to commit to a particular someone until you try it.”  All the while she was grinning and glancing at me and the guy.  “Just like that cendol, it looks so good, but you know how disappointed we were once we put in in our mouth.  But you won’t know that until you taste it.”

I glanced back at her, smiling with the smile of death.  She laughed: “Okay, I’m gonna shut my mouth now.”

Because really, darl, you don’t know how it feels when the person that made me come up with the tattoo analogy is the same person that you just threw that cendol analogy at.

Okay, I’ll shut my mouth now.


2 Responses to “The Cendol Analogy”

  1. yuppie Says:

    hahaha…. your life must be so happy to have such a witty best friend like her ;D

    Hey, I just finished reading your Divortiare. Surprisingly, I like it much. It made me smile at first, giggled, and immediately turned to be laughters… it led me to a melancholy as well at the other parts. I love the ending too, so smart! haha

    I can’t wait to have your first novel by tomorrow 😉

    Keep up your great work Ika, I’ll be waiting your upcoming yummy stuff 😀

  2. Ika Natassa Says:

    hai yuppie, sori baru baca komen-nya. thanks ya for reading my book. the third one is currently in writing. have a great weekend 😉

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