The Other Hobby

April 30, 2010

Been busy at work and also writing the third book. The funny thing is, every time I start writing a book, I seem to be always running out of ideas of what to talk about in this dear blog right here. So while you’re waiting for the third book to finish – it’s halfway done now, and I sincerely hope that you are waiting hehe – I thought I just start showing you some of my favorite shots since I started my interest in photography in late 2008.  If you ask what my gears are, they’re pretty simple: got a pocket camera of Sony DSC T-2 (love it because of its touch screen and high resolution), Canon EOS 1000D, Canon Lens EFS IS 15-55mm, and Canon Lens EFS IS 55-250mm.

So here’s one, took this during the F-1 season in Singapore in 2009. The Prince of Darkness, Fernando Alonso of the ING-Renault team.  My friend and I went to see the race last year, bought grandstand tickets, then decided to just walk around the circuit to find the perfect shots.  This one was taken while I was climbing on a fence and my friend holding my ass.


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