Love Letters of Great Men

October 3, 2008

And to quote Richard Steele (1707): “Methinks I could write a volume to you; but all the language on earth would fail in saying how much and with what disinterested passion I am ever yours.”


He gave me the freedom to draw and sketch and paint my wall when I was a kid.  He introduced me to Tintin.  He taught me how to get in touch with my artistic side.  He even taught me how to change tires!  Happy birthday, Dad.  You’re awesome!

Lost and (Hopefully) Found

February 16, 2008


Today sucks!  My friend Nina said that my face looked like I’ve just been broken up with a guy.  Although this time is not a guy that I lost, but a thing, still it sucks real bad.  I lost my pen either last night or this morning, and up to this very moment it is nowhere in sight.  I kept it in the zipped part of my wallet and it must have fallen off somewhere.  I know this is a long shot, but if you happen to be in either Sun, The Aryaduta, or Palladium in Medan and find a small St. Dupont mini Olympio in purple lacquer and palladium silver, would you be kind enough to return it to me?  That pen has a history that worth even a whole lot more than the price 😦  Damn, diinget-inget jadi makin pengen nangis gw.

A Very Long Engagement

November 21, 2007

What is the most annoying part of an engagement?  Is it the whole huge family (even the one that you don’t really know) trying to have their say on how it’s supposed to go?  Is it your own jitter of entering a commitment zone?  Is it the two hours engagement party only to realize that the next day you have to see him away at the airport?  Is it the ring that you are now supposed to wear wherever you go?

Or is the fact that you still have to wait in vain for him the next two years as he finishes his study 20 hours flight from where you live?